El Camino | The Rocks | Sydney

Posted on May 23, 2016 by Ruth Allen

We were commissioned by the Urban Perveyor Group to create life size Spanish mission bells for their new bar/restaurant El Camino. These large majestic bells originally cast in bronze stand approximately 700mm high and 750mm wide at their largest girth, the bells are often decorated with text, religious icons, ribbing and beautifully decorated eyelets that allow them to be suspended high within the church tower.

The client wanted a direct replica including an age old patina. We decided that we needed a pattern, a positive, from their we could make a rubber negative with casing and then produce the four positives from plaster. Plaster was chosen as a strong, malleable material, light in weight and posessing a surface which would respond well to colouration.



Josh created a coil style vessel 720mm diameter and rising to 700mm in height. As he coiled he smoothed and shaped the form to replicate the bell. Once the foundation was made we moulded clay crosses and hand cut letters in Spanish font to spell El Camino. Now the positive was finished it was time to create a rubber negative with plaster casing.


Plaster positives were then cast, reinforced and coloured to look like bronze.


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