4D | Cube 37 | Frankston Arts Centre | 2009

Posted on May 11, 2009 by Ruth Allen

4D was a progressive conceptual installation, exhibited in Cube 37, Frankston Arts Centre in February 2009. Cube 37 is 270 degree of glass wall cube jutting out onto the street pavement making the work visible from the main road and footpath 24/7.

Working with light, kinetics, illusion, sound and multi-media this environment used sensory stimulants and illusion to work towards inducing a phenomenological response from the viewer. Through awareness and understanding of natural systems I strive to facilitate a transformation of consciousness about our natural world.

4D is a development of the Synergetic Series, a body of work strongly influenced by the philosophies of Buck-minster Fuller, whose theory of Synergetics was an attempt to create a scientifically based poetics of experience. The exhibition highlights the inter-dimensional language created within the work, using projected light, the four dimensional quality of the material glass is illuminated by casting three dimensional shadows upon the two dimensional wall surface. Four stations of lights were positioned in the four corners of the cube projecting the shadows in four differing directions, the rotating work and consequent shadows created a vortex type sensation as the revolving imagery folded in on itself, regenerating and renewing the world’s energy forces.

Red, Green, Blue & light is used to evoke mood and sensation alongside the collaborative work of sound artist, Marianthe Loucataris who created an audio accompaniment responding to the philosophical foundation of the synergetic series ie; the forms are created through a process of least resistance and on a basis of 3, 5, 8 numbering systems, the triangle, hexagon and octagon.

Sculpture 300 x 330cm (variable)

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