Toyota Headquarters | 2006

Posted on May 11, 2006 by Ruth Allen

In late 2006 I exhibited the work Environmental Stimulation in the Toyota headquarters, Melbourne, Australia.

The exhibition was a juried indoor/outdoor sculpture show curated by Ken Wong and included the opportunity of winning a $10,000 career development travelling award.

These images are a glimpse of the installation and final work on site. The development from the original work was significant, I replaced the 1000 watt light projected onto the work which created one rotating shadow on the wall to a light that was projected upward through the work making the ceiling the canvas. The piece was suspended in the corner of the Toyota restaurant which is surrounded by glass walls, outside there was also an alcove of glass, this created at least five reflections of the work in the glass walls at any one time.

I was shortlisted down to five artists and asked to give a presentation to the committee detailing my career development project. I had organised an itinerary visiting and meeting gallery directors in Seattle, Hong Kong and Europe. I had organised a workshop and residency at Espace Verre in Montreal, Canada and a solo show in New York City at the Chappell Gallery. On opening night to my amazement I won the inaugural prize and set off on this adventure early in 2007.

On my return I delivered a talk to Toyota and various interested parties on the success of this trip.

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