Synergetic Wall Installations | Amber | Blue | Pink | 2006

Posted on May 11, 2006 by Ruth Allen

In 2005 I was awarded a 6 week fellowship from the Creative Glass Centre of America located at Wheaton Village, New Jersey, USA. My project was to experiment with melting coloured glass and blow blanks (tubes) to ship back to Australia to later construct into synergetic forms. Fortunately I was coupled with a New York based artist, Meagan Biddle together we mixed and melted four colours during 6 weeks, these were amber, blue, pink and opaque white. Melting 360pounds at one time we had to work hard to empty the tank in a week making way for the next colour. Ultimately I shipped just on a ton of material home as a reservoir for the coming year.

The glass synergetic forms are created using a two part hot process. Firstly the tube is blown, when cooled it is sliced like sushi into rings using a diamond saw. These rings are then placed in a garage (heating chamber) ready to be picked up two by two and constructed architecturally into a synergetic form. Each ring is manipulated, whilst hot, using gravity and leverage this gives the final form its personality and brings the piece to life. Once cool the forms are lathe worked and sandblasted to give a satin finish, a quality that absorbs and emits light magically.

The synergetic forms are mounted onto the wall using custom made stainless hooks. Coloured light is projected onto the wall illuminating the voluminous forms and casting 3D shadows.

Photographs: Andrew Bacham

Amber 360 x 20 x 35cm (variable)

Blue 450 x 270 x 35cm (variable)

Pink 175 x 183 x 35cm (variable)

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