Williwaw | 2010

Posted on May 11, 2010 by Ruth Allen

Williwaw is an environmental work illustrating perpetual energy and is a metaphor for the dramatic global climate change enveloping us, the aggression of which is unpredictable.

200 hot formed glass leaves are composed in the form of a labyrinth or spiraling eye representing the impetus toward personal and global change, a movement towards healthy individuals working as communities to create a positive change and vision for the future.

The work is strongly influenced by the philosophies and design science of visionary Buckminster Fuller who studied the inner geometries of the universe and natural phenomenon to understand fundamental formations and relationships between things within our world.

Williwaw invites a phenomenological response from viewers through use of coloured light, the light is absorbed through the skin and also intellectualised by association with the mind. The dual digestion of the experience evokes a physical and emotional response unique to the viewer.

Williwaw engages the viewer in an inter-dimensional language by illuminating the 4D quality of glass through cast 3D shadows upon the 2D wall plane.

Photographer; Joshua Davis 420 x 170 x 6cm ( variable)

Footnote; A Williwaw is a violent gust of cold, dense air descending from snow and ice fields of high latitude coastal mountain regions, accelerated by the force of gravity.

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