Fluid Moves | Gasworks Park | Melbourne

Posted on May 11, 2009 by Ruth Allen

The proposed artwork Fluid Moves was proposed to Gasworks Park, Melbourne as a public art commission in 2007. Our proposal was kinetic and consisted of a series of stainless steel struts bolted together at periodic junctions to form a strong network of triangular cells. Inter-dispersed amongst these cells were brightly coloured wind vanes, which rotated freely in the open breeze.

This work strives to titillate our playful and youthful energies. It attempts to enhance our sensitivity of the world we inhabit by spontaneously interacting with the ever-changing Melbourne weather conditions.

Fluid Moves works with random order and engages in repetition, reproduction and the singular as well as the interplay between positive and negative space. The sculpture is abstracted to resonate on many levels with organic forms, cellular structures and post-modern architectural compositions that proliferate in our natural and built environments.

The work experiments with colour. The wind vanes are cut aluminium triangles, brightly coloured through a powder-coating process. Each vane has two colours, one each side. These colours are positioned oppositely on the colour wheel, for example; purple and orange are coupled together, blue and yellow, red and green. When the vanes rotate quickly in a steady breeze the colours will merge to create a new colour, when the breeze is slight an electric vibration will occur from the reaction of the opposing colours.

The sculpture inter-acts with natural phenomenon. The proposed location, along the wall and over the edge of Gasworks Park, introduces an inter-dimensional relationship between the three-dimensional kinetic work and the two-dimensional shadow upon the surface of the red brick. In this locality the piece continues to evolve throughout each day, identifying with the rising and setting sun, wind, cloud formations and change of season.

The title, Fluid Moves is connected to the concept of creative community spaces i.e.; ideas, energies and action blending together as ingredients that contribute to the natural evolution and execution of artistic happenings. Gasworks Park has supported and facilitated spaces and projects by artisans, multi-cultural communities and allowed the environment to breathe.

Front view from Graham Street.


Inside view from Gasworks Park

 Ariel view Fluid Moves


 Detail in a strong breeze Fluid Moves


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