Molecular Slice

Posted on May 11, 2008 by Ruth Allen

My relationship with the material glass is the catalyst for the design science of my ideas. This symbiotic relationship between maker and material, technique and process allows the physical idea to come to fruition.

I choose to engage in repetition, reproduction and the singular as well as the interplay between pattern and randomness. The works are abstracted to resonate on many levels with organic forms, cellular structures and post-modern architectural compositions that proliferate in our natural and built environments.

Molecular Slice was a series created in response to traditional venetian canework techniques. Instead of making work with coloured patterned cane I chose to blow tubes, varying the applications of colour and for some, adding stripes of additional cane. The tube is then cut at room temperature, composed upon a steel plate and fused through a hot process. Once at room temperature again the piece is cold-worked on a lathe to map an undulating geography, the high spots are then polished leaving variations in the finished surface.

The glass is poised around the neck by hand made silver rings, the variety of sizes are randomly looped together to echo the aesthetic of the work.


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