Up-cycled Pendant Lights | 2014

Posted on May 11, 2014 by Ruth Allen


Are you interested in surrounding yourself with objects that reflect a consciousness of the sustainability of our planet? Our up-cycled pendant lights are manufactured bottles resourced from our local community which have then been blown and transformed using traditional hot glass techniques.

How are they made? …watch this video for a glimpse.

Meet the Maker

We are excited and delighted to launch our new up-cycled pendant light range. Utilizing the dynamic forms and familiar characteristics of spirit, champagne, wine and beer bottles, designs are created to be versatile and can cater to residential, commercial or larger unusual spaces. The possibilities are endless, including singular pendant lights, feature walls, ceiling chandeliers and one-off site-specific installations. Please inquire directly for consultation on special projects.

The pendants are sandblasted unless otherwise requested, this ensures that the light diffuses evenly throughout the form.

We encourage the sourcing and reclaiming of your own bottles for the added sentimentality of your product and of course enjoying the sense of involvement from drinking & sharing to final illumination.

Current pendant lights for sale can be viewed on my online shop by clicking here. Shop


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