Murrine Vases & Bowls | 2011

Posted on May 11, 2011 by Ruth Allen

The Murrine Vases and Bowls are the natural evolution of my passion for Venetian glass techniques involving cane. Inspired by traditional aesthetics of Millefiori (Italian for 1000’s flowers) I have created, over time, a methodology that enables these time consuming mosaic works to become a limited edition to my product range. Using coloured rods and powders, I design the intricate cross-section of the cane. Usually working in shades of primary and secondary colours, I either coat or not caot each gather of glass before pulling the reservoir of material (glass) into a length (of cane). The cane is then cut into mosaic pieces, approximately 10mm lengths and organised by colour & pattern. I produce a multitude of canes in all design combinatios to provide myself with an infinate palette of which to work from. Time is spent carefully choosing a colour range, I then lay the cane into a mosaic tile ready to be picked up in the blowing process. Please follow the link to images of a recent workshop I directed in Adelaide in conjunction with the Jam Factory associates Adelaide Fringe 2011.

These pieces and other forms can be made to order with colour and design preferences. Mosaics can also be made by clients by arrangement. Vase dimensions: Height 280- 320mm, Width 120 – 140mm Bowl dimensions: Diameter 200-250mm, Height 120 – 140mm

RR: AUSD$450 +gst +postage


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