Limited Lines | Canberra Glassworks | Nov - Jan 2010/2011

Posted on May 11, 2011 by Ruth Allen

I was invited by Canberra Glassworks to exhibit jewellery in their Limited Lines exhibition (an annual exhibition of limited production and glass objects by leading Australian artists).

For this, I wanted to create new work. I had been given a number of very exciting blanks by colleagues Matthew Curtis and Harriet Swartzrock. They both manage a hot glass studio/business that melts coloured glass, this is a rare practice in Australia, after working for them for several weeks we made a trade, some blanks for an Amulet, they happened to be working in scarlet red.

The red glass is special, it strikes it’s colour through various heat treatments, the layers of gathers may be seen as rings of tones from yellow to orange and then to a brilliant red. I was given tubes, some round and others square, I cut slices approximately one inch thick, these I then carved freehand using diamond wheels on the lathe. Once the form had been discovered I continued to work through various grades of diamond smoothing the surface to a satin finish.

I then focused on finishing the surface, I have had a growing passion for the ancient craft of European stone wheels, my long time friend, collaborator and colleague Itzell Tazzyman has a beautiful studio in Canberra extensively equipped with lathes, stones and all apparatus required to work in this style. Itzell generously taught me, guided me through processes and very generously gave me keys and an open door to her lush creative environment.

An eternal Thank you Itzell.

I chose one of the finest and smallest stones and decided to draw with it like I would sketch on paper, the lines are a cross hatching denoting the undulations in the forms and emphasizing the geographies within the shapes.


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