4D2 | Performance | Marianthe Loucataris 2009

Posted on May 11, 2009 by Ruth Allen

I invited long term collaborator and friend Marianthe Loucataris to perform on opening night of the 4D2 exhibition shown at the Canberra Glassworks in 2009. During the weeks prior we talked and developed a language of resonance with visual content, dance and sound. I produced several glass gaud forms that allowed Marianthe to play with resonance percussively. She sang into the forms whist dancing through the gallery to the atrium space.

Within the atrium I had installed a satellite dish 3m in diameter in the centre of the circular room, Marianthe entered the darkened space followed by the captive audience. She then proceeded to climb into the dish, playing the glass instrument. I projected an edited video sequence of a previous installation of synergetic forms titled 4D. The light changed colour periodically whilst shadows and forms moved across her whitened body. The nature of the atrium permitted an intimacy with the audience and the potential for the vibration of sound and light resonance to be felt as well as seen and heard.

After the opening night performance, the installation became an experience of music & sound composed by Marianthe and the visual of the projection into the satellite dish.

The recordings included; ORB; a piece using glass elements to create the sounds. The compositional structure is inspired by the same mathematics which informs the Synergetic series. Landed Dream; deconstructed bowed piano, piano, voice and sounds original composed for a dance theatre performance and later developed for the 4D exhibition at Frankston Arts Centre 2009. The resonance vessel used in the opening night performance.

From this event Marianthe developed her music video for Jack featured on her Resolve album 2010.

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