Three shades of Green Champagne Chandelier

RUTH creates bespoke up-cycled pendant lighting specializing in domestic, commercial and hospitality spaces.

Our Melbourne based studio collects bottles from our local community to then wash, cut and prepare for the hot process. Using traditional glassblowing techniques and purpose built equipment we heat, stretch, inflate and manipulate each bottle into a unique artwork.

RUTH specialises in custom projects working closely with architects and interior designers to actualise the potential of spaces within a team dynamic. Alive to the social and cultural aspects of place, RUTH lighting concepts are functional, aesthetic, sustainably conscious and commercially smart.

‘I enjoy participating in a sustainable movement and contributing to creating environments that spark peoples imagination and challenge preconceived ideas of the world around them.”

The champagne bottle comes in three shades of green, we have enjoyed collating these pendants to create a sophisticated collection of olives & emeralds to compose this chandelier. The composition can change depending upon your ceiling height and desired aesthetic.

Each pendant comes with 1.5m black flex, LED bulb plus fixtures. 

Dimensions Variable; H 1600 mm x W 350 mm

Type: Chandelier

Vendor: Ruth Allen

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