Bronze Milk Crate

The Bronze Milk Crate was created for Bespokean exhibition shown in conjunction with design exposition DEN Fair. 'DEN brings together the most inspiring collaborative of talent and brand names under one roof to create an unprecedented platform for the interior & design industry to connect and do business'.

Focusing on the brief from Bespoke directors; Respond to ‘the humble box’ we conceived the idea of celebrating the iconic milk crate. Impeccably designed for practicality, longevity, simplicity & user friendly the milk crate became our creative foundation. Understanding that Bespoke is a platform to display skill, craftsmanship and boundary pushing of your chosen material, we decided to work collaboratively towards the exhibit. The form was appropriately challenging with thin linear grids to negotiate, proving a very complicated execution of translating one material into another.


Once we decided upon a lovely crate we cut one side, made a rubber negative with plaster casing, we then cast four sides on wax, brought them together and touched them up. This now four sided crate was sprued with airs and given runners so that the mould could breather and the bronze flow.


It worked a treat, the material managed to find every thin linear section of the crate, the detail exquisite, now to polish her up and give a light patina.

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