Crown Lager Jug

Utilising the long slender form of the Crown Lager stubby, I have sliced the top off on an angle and then heated to fire polish and also enable the forming of the spout. The body of the bottle is easy to hold, posessing crown embossing for easy grip as well as beautiful dealing to this majestic piece. They have all done the pouring test and not a drop lands or dribbles after the initial pour. 

Due to the extensive heating process the jug is much stronger than when originally manufactured, this makes the jug able to cope with the dishwasher experience.

You may not wish to purchase 4 or 6 of this item, if not I suggest you visit the ‘Pick & Mix’ option and detail it in your order.

Height 20cm (variable due to the hand made process)

Type: Jug

Vendor: Sustainable Stubbies

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